Revitalize Your Mind and Body

Life can be tough on our bodies. Athletics, dancing, running, or time itself may take its toll. It takes being proactive with your health and paying more attention to your mind and body wellness to truly improve your quality of life.

That’s why at Melyssa Davis Wellness, I introduce you to the revitalizing benefits of relaxation. I offer private wellness therapy solutions for individuals and groups. These sessions can be done where it’s most convenient for you, such as your home or office. I have several therapy programs to better fit your needs:

  • Yamuna Foot Fitness™
  • Integral Hatha Yoga
  • Reiki
  • ACE® Certified Personal Trainer

  • MELT Method® Hand and Foot
  • Yamuna® Body Rolling
  • Holistic Foot Reflexology

About Me

I am a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Reflexologist and Personal Trainer, providing therapy to a variety of clients. My specialties lie in movement-based practices for the foot and ankle to eliminate pain and promote optimal function, balance, and overall wellness. I also incorporate my thirteen years of experience as a registered yoga teacher with a specialization in Hatha yoga instruction.

As a former ballet dancer who underwent bilateral foot surgeries, I know how proper care of your feet is crucial to health and well-being. Through the experiences I gained from my personal life and fitness activities, my time working in a foot surgeon’s office, and my years as a yoga teacher, I have developed a caring and compassionate devotion to health and wellness.

Today, I channel all these experiences as a skilled instructor and holistic movement practitioner certified in multiple modalities. To learn more about the solutions I offer, visit the My Services page or connect with me via LinkedIn.

More Information

Melyssa Davis Wellness serves customers in New York City, Brooklyn, New York and elsewhere around the world. To learn more about how I may be of assistance to you, please email me for more personalized information. See my Schedule for upcoming group classes and events.

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